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Cosmic Swimming Pool Ideas

Have you been thinking of having a new pool constructed but don’t want it to be “just another pool”? This post will offer some unique and exciting ideas for anyone in the market for an in-ground pool. If these ideas provide you value, please don’t keep them a secret.

Idea 1: Nearby Fire

If you’re looking for ways to heat up your pool in non traditional ways, consider adding some fire features around the outside of your pool. While these features will provide clear aesthetic benefits, depending on the design it can actually be functional in providing heat on the brisk and chilly nights. For more ideas on fire side design, please leave a comment.

Idea 2: Shower inside of the Pool

This idea is merely that, an idea. It would take some serious work to pull this off but I think the idea in itself is worth considering. With some sort of compartmentalized pool, you could manage to install a fully functional shower that can be used to wash all of those pool chemicals off of you when you’re done relaxing.

Idea 3: Pool Side Camping

Anyone who has a pool installed likes spending time outdoors to some degree. By conveniently installing camping gear nearby, you can quickly turn your afternoon hangout into an all night adventure for those special summer nights.

Idea 4: Pool Swing

If you plan on building a pool deep enough, it might be worth the time and effort in having a swing installed. While this idea is a bit more dangerous than some of the others, it might be perfect for those looking for an extra thrill out of their investment. This idea would most likely have to be approved by someone unless you live somewhere with no one around.

Idea 5: Cosmic Lighting

If you’re going to spend the time and money having a fancy in-ground pool installed, it would be worth your while to consider an upgrade to the outdoor lighting. By installing some top-notch lighting, you can turn any pool into an all night hangout spot where the party only ends when you say so. Humans and animals are naturally drawn towards light anyway, feed your natural instinct and set up some crazy cosmic lighting for your outdoor pool. Both inside the pool and outside.

Idea 6: Illuminated Stools

This idea is most cosmic in our opinion. If your outdoor pool and lounge area is outfitted with illuminated stools, it will quickly grab the attention of anyone in the area. This is an idea so unique that you surely will be asked about it with any new guests.

Your Pool Is Built, Now What?

Designing a cosmic pool is a big enough task in itself, the next step is providing that masterpiece with the care and attention it needs. If you neglect your pool, you’ll find that your investment could have been better suited elsewhere. By providing a regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning service, you’ll keep your investment in top-notch shape and available for highest resale value. Not to mention a clean pool looks 100 times better than a dirty, un-kept pool. If you’re looking for information about servicing your pool yourself, there are plenty of “DIY” guides on the internet that will give you an excellent understanding of how to care for your pool.

However, if you’re time is more valuable than caring for your pool, you would definitely be wise to hire a local pool service to take care of your pool and maintenance needs. Do your research and due diligence and find a company with solid reviews. If you’re going to spend so much money on having such a luxurious pool built, you want to make sure it’s being taken care of with the highest care possible. There are really good pool service companies out there, and with enough research, you can have one cleaning your pool for a long time to come.

This information was provided courtesy of Aquadynamics Pool & Spa Care, local pool service Charlotte North Carolina. Be sure to check them out for more information about swimming pool maintenance and repairs. If you can find a company half as good as Aquadynamics, you’d be in good hands.

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